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9 Benefits of Using Product Photo Retouching for Ecommerce Stores

Just a decade ago, the majority of consumers made purchases in stores. Naturally, this allowed people to touch, feel, and examine products in person, which made it simple to determine if it was something they wanted to purchase. Now, 79% of Americans shop online because it is convenient and, often, less expensive. But online shopping does come with one hang up—you can’t handle the products before you purchase them.

This means that consumers rely heavily on the product photos you display in your ecommerce store to decide whether or not your products are what they need. So, it is essential that you invest in some product photo retouching for your online store to provide consumers with the visuals they need to make purchasing decisions. Here are 9 direct benefits that a product photo retouching service can provide for your ecommerce website.

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Show Products in a Better Light

When images are blurry, poorly lit, unprofessional, or of a general poor quality, consumers might assume that the products themselves are of an equally low quality. Professional product photo retouching shows your products in a better light, allowing their true quality to show in the images that you display, rather than allowing people to make assumptions based on the images quality.

Photo editing can also remove backgrounds to display your products on a clean, white background so that they stand out clearly. Or, if you are using lifestyle product images, a photo editor can crop, sharpen, and adjust lighting on the image so that your product stands out more clearly amid the photo’s other details. This is essential if you want your products to catch the eye while displaying them in a lifestyle setting.

Show In-Depth Detail of All Your Products

When shopping in person, it’s easy to take in all the details of a product. You can feel the texture of a pillow’s fabric, see the little embellishments on a blouse, and notice all of the other little details that can really help to sell a product. But with an ecommerce website, you only have photos and a short description to help your potential customers take in all these features and make a final decision.

Low-quality images won’t show the little details. Fine stitching and textures are lost to blurring and pixelization of poorly edited images. But a retouching service for ecommerce stores can help to sharpen your images and increase contrast, bringing out all of the little things that set your products apart from the competition. That level of detail can help to sell your products to online shoppers.

Display Products in Multiple Ways

Traditionally, ecommerce websites display their products on plain white backgrounds. This allows the products to stand out in clear contrast, and gives the website a clean, uniform look. But many online shoppers are more attracted to bright backgrounds or to lifestyle product images. How can you appeal to these different kinds of shoppers? You could shoot photos of all your products on a variety of backgrounds, but this takes a lot of time—and we all know time is money.

Instead, a product photo retouching service can swap out backgrounds for you or, in some cases, remove the background from a lifestyle shoot to display the product on a white background instead. This allows you to display your products in multiple situations, appealing to various kinds of shoppers and their visual preferences.

Of course, you should still take photos of your products from multiple angles in order to give your consumers the clearest possible vision of your products. But the final editing of these images is what will take these pictures over the top, and display them in such a way that is both practical and attractive.

Make Your Product Photos Part of Your Brand

Proper branding of your company is a pivotal part of running any business. From your social media posts and the things you share on your blog, to the videos you create and the images on your website, every piece of content you put in front of potential customers should be consistent with the brand you’ve built. And while products on white backgrounds have their role, they’re a bit bland, and they don’t really help to build up any kind of brand persona.

If you’re looking to add a bit of branding to your product images, product photo retouching can do this for you. You can put your products on a colored background that reflects your brand colors, for example, or add a watermark of your product logo in the background of the image. Or, you can have the product photo superimposed on a lifestyle background that is more consistent with your branding.

More and more big businesses are adding color and creativity to their product photos, and consumers are responding positively, so consider doing this on your own ecommerce site as well.

Catch the Eye of Casual Browsers

If you ran a physical store, you would arrange an attractive window display to catch the eye of any passersby and draw them into your store. But when you have an ecommerce store, you don’t have a storefront. Instead, you rely on the product images to attract anyone who might be casually browsing for products like yours. Your product images should be high-quality and distinctive enough that they stand out among images of similar products.

While the initial photography is an integral part of creating such eye-catching images, the final editing is equally important. People tend to skip over low-quality or boring images, so product photo retouching should be done for every image you display of your products. In fact, people form a first impression in just 50 milliseconds! That’s long before they take the time to read any descriptions or learn anything else about your product, so you really want that first impression to be a great one, so that casual online shoppers will be more likely to stop and look at your products more closely.

Show Products without Any Distractions

When displaying your products in photos, you want the products themselves to be the focus of the image. This is why many people choose to show the products on a plain white background, but as we’ve discussed, that’s not exactly the most attractive choice out there. In fact, some studies have suggested that lifestyle photos actually attract more consumers. So how can you display your products in eye-catching lifestyle photos without allowing the surroundings to distract from your product?

The answer is using a professional retouching service for ecommerce stores like yours. With professional editing, your products can stand out more clearly in whatever photo arrangement you choose, whether they’re being worn by a model or are displayed in a furnished space with complimentary objects. Through cropping, focus adjustment, lighting, and other subtle retouches, a professional editor can allow your product to stand out in a lifestyle image that will catch a lot more attention than a white background would.

This particular benefit is especially important if you sell garments in your ecommerce store. It can be very difficult to properly display your products without the model or mannequin distracting from the products. But a flat garment on a hanger doesn’t accurately display the shape or fit of a garment either, and online consumers want to see what a garment looks like while being worn. With the help of a skilled photo editor, you can take pictures of your products on mannequins, and have the mannequins edited out, allowing your product to be the focus of the image while still displaying all of the right details, and giving consumers a better idea of the true shape and git of the item.

Make Your Store Look More Professional

No matter how exceptional your products are, it’s difficult to make sales if people question the legitimacy of your store. And while time and good reviews might help improve people’s perception of you, nobody wants to wait around for that to happen. The much faster way to create a professional persona is to utilize high-quality images throughout your online store.

To put it in perspective, having low-quality and unprofessional images is the online equivalent of selling your products out of a ramshackle shop in a back alley. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in potential customers. Conversely, professional photos are like setting up shop in a brand new, professional designed retail space. Customers will automatically place more trust in your business when you have a professional appearance.

With expert editing, you’ll have professional-looking photos that lend your store a greater feeling of legitimacy. When images have clearly been handled by a skilled photo editor, rather than having the appearance of being taken in a dimly lit garage, even customers who have never heard of your website will be more likely to make purchases from your store. That’s the power of quality product photos.

Improve Social Media Engagement

Any modern business owner knows that social media is an essential part of marketing. But did you know that images are a vital part of increasing your social media engagement? According to statistics from Twitter, tweets with photos get an average of 35% more retweets than those without—and that’s just one social media platform. There are now platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, where images are the only form of interaction.

So, if you really want to engage people via social media, you need high-quality images, and it only makes sense that you want to be sharing images of your products with your social media followers. When images are properly edited, they can greatly improve your social media engagements, which can bring you more followers and more customers.

And of course, quality product images are going to help you to stand out on those image-only websites like Pinterest. When people are browsing Pinterest for products like yours, the high-quality images are going to be the ones that stand out and get repinned for potential later purchases, so make sure the stand-out images are the ones for your products, not for your competitors.

Increase Your Sales

In the end, ecommerce is all about making sales—and a product photo retouching service is a key part of increasing sales. All of the factors mentioned above directly correlate to driving up the sales you make on your website. Highlighting your products and showing their details allows consumers to get a better idea of what those products are like, and makes it more likely they’ll make a purchase. Having a strong brand and a professional-looking website lends you a greater feeling of legitimacy, which makes consumers more comfortable about making a purchase from you. You get the idea.

Today’s consumers rely heavily on visual cues to make their purchasing decisions, and so your product photos need to be sending the right cues. This can only be done under the hands of a professional photo editor. It’s a small investment to make that will have a large impact on your profits.

Our Professional Product Photo Retouching

At Bistar Digital, we employ a large number of experienced and skilled photo editors. These editors specialize in handling product photos, so they know exactly how your product images need to be adjusted in order to attract consumers and help turn them into paying customers. And because we have many editors on staff, we can get your product images retouched and ready for your ecommerce website in a shorter amount of time than other businesses.

For ecommerce stores with many product images, we even offer bulk photo retouching services, which helps you to cut your costs while still obtaining professional-grade photos of your products. You’ll also be able to get your images back more quickly so that your product images are ready to go live on your ecommerce website sooner. This also allows you to proceed with marketing your products more quickly with eye-catching images to draw consumers to your website.

Contact us to learn more about how our product photo retouching service can help your ecommerce business to grow, or to obtain pricing information for edits and retouching services on your product photos.