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Human Intelligence

While automation of simpler tasks has revolutionized the business world, there are still areas in which human intelligence and intuition are required.

At Bistar Digital, we provide the upfront human intelligence needed in order for automated processes to become possible. Our team of meticulous, detail-oriented professionals can sort, categorize, and organize your data as only a human being can, so that the data can better be used to automate processes like email campaigns, invoices, and more.

Contact one of our team members today to tell us more about your project needs, and we’ll provide you with a solution that perfectly combines both human and artificial intelligences.

Data Labeling Service

At bistar, we processes millions of tags every day. With large team of highly skilled individuals, we are able to help our partners in creating a large number of database needed to solve any project.

We offer you a fully-managed data solution from gathering to labeling. We want you to only focus on growing your business. Let us do the hard work.

Data Labeling
We use high quality data to build the safest autonomous vehicles