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Linkedin Lead Generation

Linkedin Lead Generation Service That Improves The Quantity and Quality of Your Sales Leads Using Tested & Proven Inbound Outbound Methods

With our linkedin lead generation service, you will see faster business growth, greater sales productivity, higher revenue per sale.

This is a high-end service that only suited for companies with a customer lifetime value of U$25K. This service is not for low-end offer or B2C offers.

What We Do

  • Deliver qualify leads and delivery calls
  • Optimize your key employee profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  • Drive profile views 3x – 10x
  • Build your network of ideal target customers
  • Warm up your prospect with useful content
  • Minimal time and effort from your part
  • We refuse to charge for leads that don’t turn into discovery calls

How We Do It

Step 1

We optimized your linkedin profile to present the best value proposition. We do advanced searches and send invitation to ideal customers. We then engage them with likes and endorsement.

Step 2

We create useful content / article on your behalf and publish it on your profile. We then send a personal direct message to your ideal customer with the content link on it. This educate your prospects, establish trust and pre-qualify them based on their interest level. Those who are interested in what you are sharing often comment and share your content.

Step 3

We then reach out by emailing or calling your interested prospects to schedules discovery calls for you by referencing your linkedin profile and article. We will email you prior to the call, you call them and progress the sales opportunity after that.

Schedule a consultation call to learn about this exclusive service.